Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Good Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is nearly coming yet you still don't have a clue on the costume? While you could opt for the pop-up Halloween shop in the internet and ransacking through whatever is there, we discovered some good ideas for Halloween costumes which will make sure a spectacular Halloween party. Here are the 5 good ideas for Halloween costumes:  

1. Mt. Rushmore


This is a great idea although you need patient and more money on this as you must buy the president's mask to complete the mountain image.

2. Ninja Turtle Family

The Ninja Turtle costume is filled with chest plates, shells and weapons. With just a hula hoop, fleece, spray paint, and cut down laundry baskets, this will be a good idea for your costume.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes


These Mr. Mrs. Potato head costumes are created from felt with polyester filling (you can use whatever filling you can take from your house). With merely 5 $ for both costumes, this is one of the cheapest costumes we ever see this year.  

4. The Family Farm


With few paper-maches, plaster and a splash of creativity then these costumes can be a great ideas for the Halloween party.  

5. Cars Land Sippy Cone


The idea of mimicking the Cars Land's Cones is simple yet they could make it only with few light weight PVC pipe, electrical tape, foam insulation and glued logo.

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